Our Values

Gospel Centered

We believe in the good news that Jesus Christ is God who came to earth to rescue us through his life, death, resurrection, ascension, and coming back. All that we do stems from this unshakable truth.

Radical Community

This good news transforms us to be family together. We desire to completely obey Jesus and orient our understanding around his purposes. We seek to serve one another, confess to one another, build others up, eat together, work together, and worship together. Fundamentally we belong to one another.

Bold Witness

This good news of Jesus immediately calls us outward to testify that God became a man to rescue us. We seek to make disciples and boldly share about his good name.

Living Prayer

We are so in need of a living relationship with God where we listen to his Word, hear his voice, and intimately speak with him. As we go forth to make disciples the fundamental posture of our church seeks to be dependent prayer.

City Group Focused

We seek to live into these values primarily through our city groups that meet weekly. In this way every member of the church is integral and must use their gifts to serve the divine mission of the church.