Launching August 2018

A new congregation in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood.


Cornerstone Anglican Church is a community of Kingdom ambassadors seeking to extend the presence of King Jesus to our neighbors and to the world, filled by the Holy Spirit.

As we seek to pursue this vision by God's help, our DNA is gospel, community, and mission.  

  • The gospel is the good news for the world that Jesus lived, died, resurrected and ascended. We seek to proclaim this good news and to see it bring reconciliation.

  • God has adopted us into a radical community living out the implications of the gospel in our life together, as we seek to be an embassy that anticipates the full coming of the Kingdom of God.

  • The gospel calls this community to mission, extending the presence and reign of King Jesus into the world, proclaiming and exemplifying the reality of this Kingdom and its hope for our neighbors and world. We invite people to encounter the healing power of Jesus in the gospel of God's actions and the community of God's people.






Communion Services

4pm, 3039 S Normal Ave., Chicago

June 30th

July 14th

July 28th- potluck to follow

August 11th

August 18th- Launch Sunday, services continue weekly



City Groups

City Groups tangibly live out the hope of the Gospel in an authentic Community on Mission to our city. We meet weekly to eat together and to explore God through discussion. We also seek to share our lives with one another throughout the week, caring for one another and our neighborhood together.

Wednesdays at 7pm or Thursdays at 7pm

Contact for more information.


Morning Prayer

We gather for prayer at 7am in homes on Mondays and Thursdays, with a morning prayer liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer, intercessions, and thanksgivings.

Contact for more information.


Sacred Space

A monthly night of listening to God, responding and sharing in word and in art, and praying for healing and justice. The next gathering is to be determined.




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We would love to meet you if you're interested in learning more about becoming part of the launch team, or interested in seeing how you can bless and partner with us as we launch.

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As we seek to fulfill this vision by God's help, the following are some of the distinctive values by which we believe God calls our community to be marked:

Presence- Integrating our lives with one another and our neighbors through proximity

  • Love the people of Bridgeport by seeking their long-term good, spiritually and physically, as participants, not as saviors

  • Practice consistent presence in one another's homes and in public spaces, forming relationships with one another and neighbors through shared time and space

  • Practice rhythms that allow us to regularly encounter God's presence in our own lives, that we may be a faithful extension of that presence

Proclamation- Bearing prophetic witness to the Kingdom of God

  • Tell the biblical story of God's actions in history and our hope for the future, in both word and deed

  • With our own lives, submit to Jesus as King and to Scripture as his revelation

  • Invite people to come and follow Jesus

  • Seek justice and the well-being of all people, in word and deed

Reconciliation- Healing the broken relationships caused by sin

  • Seek to participate in the healing of broken relationships between people and God, one another, social structures, and creation, as a foretaste of the shalom of the renewed world coming when Jesus returns

  • Sacrifice to be a multi-ethnic, multi-class, multi-generational family with truly shared leadership

Interdependence- Needing one another and honoring all people and gifts

  • Recognize the centrality of the marginalized

  • Practice sharing and hospitality that meets one another's material and dignity needs

  • Seek to empower and include the spiritual and cultural gifts of all sisters and brothers across class, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, marital status, and gifting

Sacrament- Worshiping and receiving God's grace in bodily, material realities

  • Make central the practices commanded by Jesus of baptism and communion

  • Seek healing of the whole person

  • Worship in body, mind, and desire



savella stallards

Meet Rev. Nate and Sarah Beasley

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Nate and Sarah met as students at the University of Illinois. They both personally have experienced the joy of being with Jesus and are passionate about extending his table to others. They are pastoring a group of Cornerstone congregations that includes Cornerstone Bridgeport. The best way you can bless them is by coming over for dinner and eating a lot of food. They have toddler twins, Joshua and Eliana and they currently love taking walks as a family through the city.




Meet Zach and Karen Savella Stallard

Zach and Karen met serving together at the Cornerstone congregation at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Now Zach is the Location Pastor for Cornerstone Bridgeport. They love living in Bridgeport and look forward to many years in the neighborhood. They are asking God to raise up a beautiful community of Jesus-following, neighbor-loving Kingdom ambassadors to participate in God's ongoing work of bringing the Kingdom of God in Bridgeport.


Local, Global, and Historic Church Connections

Cornerstone Bridgeport is a new congregation in the Cornerstone Parish, a part of the Greenhouse Movement. We are a member of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest in the Anglican Church in North America. We also participate in Pray Bridgeport, an ongoing gathering of neighborhood churches for prayer over the neighborhood and one another.